Projects running at the school:

  • "I LOVE TO READ" - reading a book/reader for R1.00 and counting the minutes. After 5000 reading minutes we plan a sleepover;

  • 18 September - Planting of the donated trees;

  • 19 September - World Clean Up Day: We have started to make eco-bricks. Looking at building benches under our trees once we have collected eco-bricks;

  • 8 October - Workshop with Ms Inge Steffen - How to help children to concentrate in class;

  • Counselling sessions with grieving children - with Ms Anzel Niebuhr - date to be confirmed!




As it will be some time before our direct link to our bank account is active please pay donations directly into our bank account. Email your proof of payment together with your address to for us to mail you your tax exemption certificate. Thank you!


Banking Details of Pongolo Valley School

Name of account: Pongolo Valley Preschool

Bank: ABSA

Branch Code: 632005

Account number: 409 505 6872

Current account

Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ



Über Ihre Spende aus Deutschland bzw. dem SEPA-Raum  freuen wir uns natürlich ebenfalls sehr. Eine solche ist über den Förderverein für Vorschulen & Schulen in Südafrika e.V. ( möglich.


Should you wish to donate from Europe (SEPA countries) you may wish to do this via the Förderverein für Vorschulen & Schulen in Südafrika e.V. (